Our Successful Injury Rehabilitation Program

In recent years, the injury rehab programs have greatly improved. Irrespective of the particular kind of injury, there are loads of ground rules that should be included in all the rehabilitation programs.

Lockeroom Health offers injury rehabilitation programs. Cameron Lillicrap is the Director of Lockeroom Health and Physiotherapist. He has extensive years of experience in providing rehab programs and physiotherapy to the people. Various exercises and healthy tips are also provided as per client’s needs. The primary emphasis is to give maximum assistance to the affected people.

At some phase of the career, every good trainer would have been involved in an activity to rehabilitate or return the newly injured clients or sportsmen. Some of the sportsmen find difficulty returning to their routine life. Lockeroom Health understands, what elements are essential in injury rehabilitation program.

Conditions Involved in the Injury Rehabilitation Programs

Below, we will discuss some conditions in which our mentors can be involved in the injury rehabilitation programs:

  1. In a training session, the injury may occur to any of the clients with you while you may be engaged in the treatment of such injury or the rehabilitation program
  2. An existing client can get injured in a non-exercise session, so our mentor may get engaged in the rehab program
  3. We can be asked to help in the post injury rehab by our new client
  4. The client may contact the local physiotherapist for post-injury rehabilitation

The above situations are quite common in most cases. Besides this, there are numerous differentiation which we think that every personal trainer should be aware of, involving:

  • The conditions (i) and (ii) in which your present client has got injured, can possibly impact your business and income, as the injury can influence your current program. As you’ll spend many sessions with this client, so this can affect your working schedule.
  • Situation (i) is a state in which the injury occurred in a training session represents your professional negligence. You will be liable, which will influence your income in the future if such situation arises again.
  • Situations (iii) and (iv) can boost the income and training sessions producing results. This is so, because it will involve the new customers and sources and would help in building up or growing the business. The clients are motivated to get trained in their particular injury. For instance, if they have a lower body injury, they may be guided to replace the activities that mainly involve the lower body such as jogging.

Lockeroom Health is continually progressing in injury rehab programs. We have made advancements in the rehabilitation phase. Irrespective of the particular injury, there are many other essential points that we have included in all rehabilitation programs such as:

  • Prompt and Accurate Diagnosis: Whether injury or pain, all cases are dealt with seriousness. A scrutiny can be made by a professional having expertise in the injured area.
  • Distinguishable: Each client or athlete has a different injury, so every program is taken into account for the particular injury. As per the needs, the level of training is provided accordingly. It is obvious that the rehab program for a distance runner would be something different than the professional basketball player.
  • Timely Reinforcement and Enlistment: In earlier times, the focus was primarily on motion exercises and passive stretching. Functional activities or strength trainings were added later on. The pain level should be in a suitable range. It can also depend upon your medical expert what intensity it approves or not. Certain activities will be highly beneficial if added such as swimming, jogging, walking along with the strength training in the prompt rehab programs.
  • Condition of Muscles: In post-injury, usually the clients suffer from a swift loss of muscles and power. We know how essential it is to have a controlled strength training program which should be started as quickly as possible. Body weight exercises, swimming, free weights and resistance programs are the common examples
  • Vehicle Re-Education: Usually most of the injuries are due to lopsidedness and the issues are related to vehicle pattern. It is necessary that all the injury rehab schedules should involve the checking of the vehicle control unit. This is especially needed in the case, when the athlete gets an injury. It helps in ensuring the accurate muscle retaining return, prior to the athlete reverts to the routine sport
  • Movement Choices: In case of inflammation, muscle tightness, pain or swelling, the post injury suppleness should be reduced. In our clients, we have observed that wherever they get an injury, the joints present above and below the issue also get impacted and create an issue in driving the motor car. This is the reason why sportsmen are assessed prior to games. On the other side, it is determined when the injured sportsman will be able to return for sport or not
  • Cardiovascular Strength: In injury and recovery period, we focus on the cardiovascular fitness which needs to be maintained. For a player, there is nothing more vexing than being delayed to return in the sports due to dearth of cardio fitness. Cardio training is given to the injured athletes, so that oxygen can be delivered to the injured area appropriately. This aids in quick healing, while encouraging athletes to remain positive.
  • Mindset for Injury: The fact cannot be denied that for a quick recovery, a positive mental attitude is necessary. It aids in rapid returning to the sports after injury. A good rehabilitation program such as the one offered by Lockeroom Health, values and improves the sportsman mental state. We help in successful returning to games and allow the athlete to openly express the concerns, so we can provide support in a friendly environment.