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If you suffer from neck or back muscle tightness that can’t be relieved by stretching, or if you’re just looking for a sporting performance edge, you need this Pocket Physio Trigger Tools Pack.

The Pack includes:

  • Pocket Physio – designed to replicate the size and pressure of a thumb or elbow. Use to locate and release muscle trigger points in the neck, front shoulder and upper back causing headaches and/or referred pain in the shoulder and arm.
  • Pocket Physio MAX – designed to locate and trigger release of the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower limb to improve hip mobility and reduce lower back pain cause by excessive anterior pelvic tilt. Include a regular trigger session as part of your recovery program, especially if your sport is lower limb dominant. (Football, Cycling, Running, Rowing)
  • Pocket Physio Massage Ball – Perfect for combining muscle trigger point releases with slow, creep rolling massage of the muscle fibres along the length of the target muscle. Like the Pocket Physio MAX, this tool is not for the faint-hearted, but the benefits of using it is worth it.


The key to getting active and staying active, is simple for most people when they know how.

Simple exercises designed to reduce muscle tightness, improve joint mobility, and encourage active range of movement are the best way to improve basic movement patterns that keep people active.

All Lockeroom products are designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists and are recommended for people of all ages and level of physical ability.

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