Lower Body Mobility Pack


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Bodies need to be both stable and mobile to move efficiently. To avoid problems such as the common running injury, a quad or calf strain or lower back pain it’s vital to maintain your flexibility and joint range of motion, strengthen weak abdominal muscles and reduce excessive forward tilt of the pelvis.

This Pack includes:

  • Footeez Creep (Fascial) Roller – designed to release tightness in the underside of the foot, calf and the ITB (Outer thigh) Read More
  • Pocket Physio¬†MAX Muscle Trigger – designed to locate and trigger relaxation of the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower limb
  • Stretchband Flexibility band – designed to enable correct stretching technique for both muscular and neural (nerve) stretches by controlling pelvic movement and foot flexion.


Running injury caused by muscle overuse or altered limb mechanics can be frustrating, but the solution is often simpler than you think.

The key to getting active and staying active, is understanding how your body moves normally and how to identify the problem and fix it, when it is not.

Simple exercises designed to reduce muscle tightness, improve joint mobility, and encourage active range of movement are the best way to improve basic movement patterns that keep people active and pain free.

If your sport or activity is ‘lower limb dominant’ (in other words, includes movements such as walking, running, jumping, pushing, lifting or cycling) maintaining hip and ankle mobility and knee stability is crucial to minimizing your risk of injury.

All Lockeroom products are designed by Australian Sports Physiotherapists and are recommended for people of all ages and level of physical ability.

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