Maintaining joint mobility is an essential part of pain-free movement and physical performance.

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Trigger Point Therapy

TRigger points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured or overworked. They are defined as localised areas where the muscle and connective tissue are highly sensitive to pain when compressed.

Pressure on these points can send referred pain to other specific parts of the body. Commonly a cause of most joint pain, trigger points are also known to cause headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’ve ever been to a Therapist who’s used their thumb or elbow to apply pressure to a muscle to locate and treat the source of your pain, you’ve had Trigger Point Therapy.

What is a Pocket Physio?

The Pocket Physio is a simple, hand held trigger device for relieving the tension in a tight muscle that causes pain. It’s density and physical shape is designed to replicate to pressure of a Therapist’s thumb or elbow.

The most common cause of tight, shortened muscles is poor recovery following periods of strenuous activity, like playing sport or extended inactivity, like sitting at a desk all day. Keep a Pocket Physio handy!


Standard Pocket Physio

This 5cm trigger device is perfect for locating and releasing tight muscles in the neck, shoulder and elbow. Also effective for reducing fascial tightness causing knee and foot pain.

Pocket Physio MAX

Double the size of the standand Pocket Physio, this tool is ideal for locating and releasing the deep, hard to reach muscles such as Glute Medius, Piriformus or TFL, that contribute to lower back pain when tight and restricted.

Who needs one?

You need a Standard Pocket Physio if​:

  • You play racquet sports like Tennis or Squash
  • You garden regularly
  • You spend long hours at a computer
  • You lift or carry heavy things often

You need a Pocket Physio MAX if​:

  • You play regular sport or swim laps.
  • You cycle or row regularly
  • You train in a gym or lift weights often
  • You’re a runner, walker, hiker, horse rider

How does it work?

Watch Physiotherapist, Cameron Lillicrap demonstrate how easy it is to locate and release one of the most common areas of muscle tightness that causes lower back pain

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Learn about Referred Pain Patterns and how to locate the most common sources of joint pain

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Got a Question?

How do I know if I need a big one or a small one?

Both sizes work in the same way but the small one is easier to hold in your hand so is most commonly used for muscles in the shoulder, forearm, knee and foot. Use the larger, Pocket Physio MAX for triggering deeper muscles by sitting on the floor and sliding it under your glutes or lying horizontally on a flat surface and rolling over it to release your hip flexors.

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What people are saying…

Both our Patients and Therapists love Pocket Physios! Not only do they work as a trigger tool, they’re inexpensive and they come in really cool colours. They look like lollies in a jar on our reception counter and patients can’t resist them.
Pogo Physio - Gold Coast QLD

Where can I buy one?

Therapists who use Lockeroom products in their treatments are functional movement specialists, and experts at making your pain go away. View our reseller map to find your closest specialist Rehab and Recovery Clinic.

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