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Lockeroom Director, Cameron Lillicrap knows what happens when you push your body too far. After spending more than 30 years in the locker rooms of sport, both as both an elite athlete himself and as Physiotherapist for one of Australia’s most celebrated teams he’s seen plenty of injuries and rescued the careers of plenty of athletes. His practical, can-do approach to recovery and rehabilitation is admired by both his patients and his peers. As a musculoskeletal specialist, he understands injury and he’s an expert on correcting movement patterns to help prevent it.

Here at Lockeroom we believe that when you understand how your body moves normally, recognising and fixing the abnormal movement patterns that may be causing your pain, is easy. Our unique products have been designed by Cam, and manufactured by us, to make it simple for anyone, not just athletes, to improve their mobility to stay active and injury free.

We don’t diagnose the cause of your pain, we just create products to help you make it go away

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Crapper is one of the best Physio's in the business! My footy career would have ended much sooner if it wasn't for him. He's been working in sport for 30 years. There's not much he doesn't know about injury and what needs to be done to get a player back on the field.- Dan Crowley
I love my Pocket Physio. This little tool has changed my life. I work long hours at my computer and my neck was always stiff and tight. Not anymore! It feels just like my physio's thumb, and I dont even have to leave my chair. I use it everyday and I love it. Thanks Lockeroom- Simone Clark
I thought exercise was for sports people and gym junkies. I didn't realize that exercises can take pain away! I've had a bad back forever. It is amazing how a simple thing like stretching the back of my legs can make my lower back feel so much better!- John Williams

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